Cloning System 9000 is the first episode of the animated television series Kitchen. It first aired on MTV in the United States on June 5, 1999. The episode introduces the protagonists, Pants, Bucket Head, and Macles, who attempt to save the town, after they find a cloning machine which immediately causes clones to take over. The episode has been given mixed reviews by most critics (mostly positive), and has had an American viewing of 1.23 Million nationwide.


While behind the school at recess, Pants and Bucket Head discover an old cloning machine. After they each create their own clone, the two use them for the most dumbest ways possible. Due to this treatment, the clones decide to kill their creators.







Trivia, references, and goofs

  • Overall in the episode, there has been 67 deaths, (Counting the 54 clones).


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